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Welcome to The Wicked Whisk………where life is made wickedly sweet, savory and extraordinary with a few Badass Decadent Delights!

Our Menu - Cookies

These are my most frequently made products, but I am open to special requests and happy to put together a gift basket. All you need to do is contact me.

The Kitchen Sink*

These rich mounds of decadence are loaded with coconut, oatmeal and chocolate chips. We dare you to eat just one!

$12 per dozen

Killer Chocolate Chip*

If you think all chocolate chip cookies are created equal, just stop right there! Big mounds of buttery and chocolaty goodness will attack your taste buds, so you may want to have someone there for moral support so you don’t eat your way out of your pants.

$10 per dozen


A beloved family recipe that is similar to an almond shortbread cookie, light and delicious, topped with a dollop of frosting in a color of your choice. These have always been a holiday favorite, but are so popular that they are offered all year long.

$18 per batch (approx 24-36 bite-sized cookies)

The Sombrero

A yummy peanut butter cookie rolled in sugar and topped with a Hershey’s Kiss, resembling (what else??) a sombrero! Multiple Kiss flavors can be made available, as well as colored sugar crystals, for $2.

$12 per dozen

Holy Molasses!

A traditional gingerbread cookie available in multiple shapes, with light drops of frosting of your color choice.

$12 per dozen

Note: Items marked with * are considered best sellers. Special requests for other items or gift baskets may be accommodated – just ask!

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Checks can be made payable to The Wicked Whisk. There is a $10 minimum on credit card sales.

Delivery is available (and free within 5 miles of our location). Contact us for a delivery quote beyond 5 miles.


Made from Scratch


Made to be Delicious


Made with Love


Made to be Shared

Badass Decadent Delights


The Wicked Triple, The Hummingbird, Coffee With Cream, The Naughty Monkey, The Magic Apple

Cupcakes and Muffins

The Sinful Pumpkin, Chocolate Coma, The BB&B (Big, Bold and Blue)


Going Bananas, The Spicy Pumpkin, Bread That's Bitchin'


The Kitchen Sink, Killer Chocolate Chip, Meltaways, The Sombrero, Holy Molasses!

Other Delicious Delights

The Wicked Tart, It's All Better With Bacon, Gonna Get Your Goat, This Bark May Bite

I really love the pumpkin loaf. My kids go nuts for it, proclaiming it "the best in the world." Try some, you'll agree.

John Valenzano

The banana bread reminds me of my mother's, only better. I pick up at least two or three every time I get a chance.

Jeanne Ely

Bacon. In a scone. Need I say more? Ok, I will. They're savory, they're delicious and I can't get enough!

Eric Huss

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